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Best Rory Gallagher Albums

Updated: Apr 19

Let’s run through the albums of an artist Jimi Hendrix perhaps suggested was a better guitarist than himself. From the live intensity of "Irish Tour '74" to the raw power of "Tattoo," we delve into the records that define Gallagher's legacy. Highlighting his skilful blend of blues, rock, and folk.

Best Rory Gallagher Albums

1. "Live! In Europe" (1972):

This live album captures the raw energy and virtuosity of Rory Gallagher's live performances, showcasing his exceptional guitar skills and passionate vocals. Tracks like "Messin' with the Kid" and "Bullfrog Blues" are standout performances.

2. "Irish Tour '74" (1974):

Another iconic live album, "Irish Tour '74" captures Gallagher at the peak of his powers, delivering blistering renditions of blues classics and original compositions. Tracks like "Cradle Rock" and "Walk on Hot Coals" highlight his dynamic stage presence and improvisational prowess.

3. "Tattoo" (1973):

This studio album features a mix of blues, rock, and folk influences, showcasing Gallagher's songwriting talent and guitar virtuosity. Tracks like "Tattoo'd Lady" and "Cradle Rock" exemplify his distinctive style and fiery guitar solos.

4. "Blueprint" (1973):

"Blueprint" is hailed as one of Rory Gallagher's finest studio albums, featuring a diverse range of musical styles from blues and rock to jazz and folk. Tracks like "Walk on Hot Coals" and "Daughter of the Everglades" highlight his versatility as a musician and songwriter.

5. "Deuce" (1971):

Gallagher's second studio album, "Deuce," is a blues-rock masterpiece featuring powerful vocals and electrifying guitar work. Tracks like "Used to Be" and "In Your Town" showcase his soulful singing and improvisational prowess.

6. "Calling Card" (1976):

This album sees Gallagher exploring new musical territories while staying true to his blues roots. With tracks like "Moonchild" and "Do You Read Me," he experiments with elements of jazz and funk, showcasing his growth as an artist.

7. "Against the Grain" (1975):

"Against the Grain" is a dynamic album that blends blues, rock, and folk influences, featuring Gallagher's distinctive slide guitar playing and passionate vocals. Tracks like "Souped-Up Ford" and "Bought and Sold" are highlights of the album.

8. "Rory Gallagher" (1971):

Gallagher's self-titled debut album showcases his raw talent and blues influences, with tracks like "Laundromat" and "I Fall Apart" capturing his electrifying guitar solos and emotive vocals.

9. "Fresh Evidence" (1990):

Released towards the later years of his career, "Fresh Evidence" demonstrates Gallagher's continued relevance and musical evolution. Tracks like "Kid Gloves" and "Ghost Blues" showcase his mature songwriting and guitar mastery.

10. "Jinx" (1982):

This album features a mix of blues, rock, and Celtic influences, showcasing Gallagher's eclectic musical tastes and songwriting skills. Tracks like "Big Guns" and "Bourbon" exemplify his dynamic guitar playing and expressive vocals.


So there you have it! And if you like those albums, you may like ours too!


Peak Popularity

Rory Gallagher enjoyed widespread popularity during the 1970s, becoming a staple figure in the blues and rock scenes with his energetic live shows and acclaimed albums.

Influence on Guitarists

Gallagher influenced many guitarists, including Brian May of Queen and Slash of Guns N' Roses, with his emotive playing style and dedication to the blues.


Rory Gallagher's contribution to blues and rock music is monumental, with a legacy that continues to inspire musicians and captivate listeners. His albums, from the fiery "Irish Tour '74" to the soulful "Calling Card," showcase a musician dedicated to his craft, pushing the boundaries of guitar playing and songwriting.


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