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Best BB King Albums

B.B. King, universally acclaimed as the 'King of the Blues', redefined the boundaries of blues music with his soulful playing and heartfelt singing. Here we embark on a journey through King's discography, spotlighting albums like "Completely Well" and "Live in Cook County Jail" that have become benchmarks in blues history. Let’s get to them!

Best BB King albums

1. "Live at the Regal" (1965):

Recorded live at the Regal Theater in Chicago, "Live at the Regal" is hailed as one of the greatest live blues albums of all time. B.B. King's electrifying performance and soulful renditions of classics like "Sweet Little Angel" and "How Blue Can You Get" make this album a timeless masterpiece.

2. "Live in Cook County Jail" (1971):

"Live in Cook County Jail" captures B.B. King's ability to connect with his audience through his music. Recorded live at the Cook County Jail in Chicago, this album features soul-stirring performances of tracks like "The Thrill Is Gone" and "How Blue Can You Get."

3. "Lucille" (1968):

Named after his beloved guitar, "Lucille" showcases B.B. King's emotive vocals and intricate guitar work. With tracks like "Lucille" and "You Move Me So," King demonstrates his musical versatility and mastery of the blues genre.

4. "Riding with the King" (2000) with Eric Clapton:

A collaborative effort with Eric Clapton, "Riding with the King" features soulful interpretations of blues classics and original compositions. Tracks like the title song and "Three O'Clock Blues" highlight the chemistry between King and Clapton.

5. "Indianola Mississippi Seeds" (1970):

"Indianola Mississippi Seeds" blends blues, rock, and soul influences, showcasing B.B. King's eclectic musical tastes. With contributions from notable musicians like Carole King and Joe Walsh, this album is a testament to King's enduring influence.

6. "Completely Well" (1969):

Featuring the iconic song "The Thrill Is Gone," "Completely Well" solidified B.B. King's status as a blues legend. With its blend of blues, jazz, and soul elements, this album remains a classic in King's discography.

7. "Live at San Quentin" (1990):

Recorded live at the San Quentin State Prison, this album captures B.B. King's soul-stirring performance in front of an enthusiastic audience. With tracks like "Every Day I Have the Blues," King delivers powerful and heartfelt renditions that resonate with listeners.

8. "Live at the Apollo" (1991):

Recorded live at the Apollo Theater in New York City, this album captures the essence of B.B. King's live shows. With soulful performances of tracks like "Ain't Nobody Home," King proves why he is hailed as the King of the Blues.

9. "Live at the BBC" (2008):

"Live at the BBC" features recordings of B.B. King's performances at the BBC studios in London. With soulful renditions of classics like "Sweet Sixteen," King showcases his talent as a master interpreter of the blues.

10. "Live at Montreux 1993" (2009):

Recorded live at the Montreux Jazz Festival, this album captures B.B. King's dynamic performance on stage. With electrifying renditions of tracks like "The Thrill Is Gone," King proves why he is revered as one of the greatest blues guitarists of all time.


So there you have it! And if you like those albums, you may like ours too!


More Information!

Capturing the Essence of B.B. King Live

B.B. King's live albums, such as "Live at the Regal" and "Live in Cook County Jail," are celebrated for capturing the essence of his dynamic stage presence and the intimate connection he established with his audience. These recordings are treasured for their ability to convey the energy and emotion of King's live performances, showcasing his improvisational skill and the raw power of his music.

B.B. King's Vocal Inspiration

B.B. King often cited Frank Sinatra as one of his favourite singers, admiring Sinatra's impeccable timing, phrasing, and emotional delivery.

The Hallmark of B.B. King

B.B. King is famous for pioneering a sophisticated style of soloing based on fluid string bending and shimmering vibrato, influencing the electric blues guitar genre.

B.B. King's Album Legacy

B.B. King released over 50 studio albums, numerous live recordings, and several compilations throughout his career, contributing significantly to the blues genre.

B.B. King's Inheritance

B.B. King's estate was the subject of legal disputes after his death, but his will primarily benefited his family, close friends, and educational charities.

Grammy-winning Performance

B.B. King won a Grammy for his song "The Thrill Is Gone," which became one of his most iconic tracks, showcasing his deep, soulful blues style.

B.B. King's Beloved Guitar

B.B. King famously named his guitars "Lucille," a tradition that started after he rescued his guitar from a fire caused by two men fighting over a woman named Lucille.

B.B. King's Female Collaborators

B.B. King performed with numerous female singers throughout his career, including Etta James and Tracy Chapman, showcasing his versatility and broad appeal in the music world.


B.B. King's legacy extends far beyond the blues genre, influencing musicians across various styles with his expressive guitar playing and heartfelt vocals. Known for his vibrato and soulful bends, King's guitar, Lucille, became an extension of his voice, inspiring countless guitarists and music enthusiasts around the world.


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