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Immerse yourself in the rhythmic journey of Thomas Heppell, the prodigious embodiment of Blues, Rock & Roll, and Jazz. London, with its illustrious tapestry of iconic music venues and timeless tales, is set to experience the evocative allure of this versatile musician. For aficionados in search of an authentic blues resonance right in the heart of the city, Thomas Heppell promises an unparalleled sonic expedition.


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Artist Background: Who is Thomas Heppell?

Emerging from the radiant South Coast of the UK, Thomas Heppell's melodies have echoed through the nation, capturing the hearts and souls of listeners. Infusing the raw passion of Blues with the pulsating energy of Rock & Roll and the elegant strains of Jazz, Thomas possesses the innate ability to both mesmerize a solo stage and electrify the ambiance with his dynamic three-piece ensemble.


His musical sojourn has witnessed incredible milestones. From sharing the limelight with blues legends such as Chicken Shack to collaborating with contemporary icons like Anton du Beke, Thomas's versatility shines bright. His performances at revered venues like The Tuesday Night Club in London and prestigious festivals such as Weyfest and Swanage Blues Festival are a testament to his growing stature in the music world.


His EP, 'Be My Home', soared across the airwaves, gaining recognition from Jazz FM and Blues Radio UK. Furthermore, with multiple nominations at the UK Blues Awards 2023, including Best Young, Emerging, and Acoustic Blues Artist, Thomas Heppell is undeniably carving a distinct niche in the British Blues panorama.


- Band Members

Guitar - Thomas Heppell

Drums - Jack Bryant (A Genuine Freakshow, Burner, Renounced)

Bass - Howard Head (Natalie Shay, Luke Lucas, DBA)

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Spotlight on the Debut Album

The album, titled "Thomas Heppell", is not merely a collection of tracks, but an intimate chronicle of life's myriad hues. Each of the 11 songs is a window into Thomas's world, echoing experiences, emotions, and his inner essence. Whether it's a reminiscence evoked in a fleeting car journey, the comforting embrace of home, or the intrigue of distant shores, each song encapsulates a tale from his heart.


From fiery solos that ignite the soul to soothing melodies that provide respite, the album presents a harmonious fusion, seamlessly bridging the generational tastes in Blues. It pays homage to traditional Blues, yet adds flourishes of Jazz, undertones of country, and the narrative allure of folk. This versatile blend ensures the album resonates with both the seasoned Blues aficionado and the curious modern-day listener.


Drawing inspiration from the classics while embracing contemporary influences, Thomas has crafted an album that speaks universally. It touches on age-old sentiments, yet brings a fresh perspective, inviting the younger generation to delve into the emotive realm of the blues. Each track, each note, and each lyric is an invitation to journey with Thomas through life's rich tapestry.

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Blues Band for Hire in London

London, with its eclectic and ever-evolving music scene, has always been a beacon for musicians worldwide. The city, renowned for its legacy in nurturing iconic musicians and birthing legendary music movements, finds a harmonious match in Thomas Heppell's resonating sound.


Thomas's blend of genres – the soul of Blues, the fervour of Rock & Roll, and the finesse of Jazz – finds a perfect stage in London's vibrant backdrop. From the vintage charm of Camden Town to the lively beats echoing down Shoreditch, Thomas's music not only complements the city's diverse soundscape but elevates it.


We invite the locals and the blues enthusiasts of London to experience this musical journey. Be it a private event, a bustling local festivity, or a serene evening by the Thames, Thomas Heppell's performance promises to amplify the moment's ambience. Witness firsthand the artistry that bridges traditional blues with the modern pulse of London's heart.


Booking Options For Your London Event

Whether you're envisioning a grand musical night or a more intimate acoustic session, Thomas Heppell offers versatile booking options to cater to a variety of events and preferences.

Full Band Performance

Experience the full spectrum of Thomas's musicality with his dynamic three-piece ensemble, featuringy Jack Bryant on Drums (Burner, Renounced, A Genuine Freakshow) and Suffolk's very own Howard Head on Bass (Natalie Shay, Luke Lucas, DBA). Immerse yourself in the captivating harmonies, robust rhythms, and electrifying solos that promise an unforgettable blues experience.

Solo Acoustic

For those who prefer a more personal touch, Thomas also offers solo acoustic performances. Stripped down yet deeply evocative, this format allows listeners to connect more profoundly with the artist, the lyrics, and the raw emotion encapsulated in each song.

For specifics on performance durations, technical requirements, or any other queries, please refer to the contact section below. Whether it's a festival, a private celebration, a corporate event, or a quiet evening at a local café, Thomas Heppell is primed to transform it into a memorable musical soiree.


Contact & Bookings

Ready to transform your next event in London? To book Thomas Heppell for an unforgettable musical journey, reach out to us. Get in touch through our official website's contact page or connect with his dedicated management team at Live and Love Music.



Booking Agent: Danielle Knights


For more insights, stories, and updates, ensure you're connected with Thomas Heppell on his official platforms:


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Booking Agent: Danielle Knights

Profile: Thomas Heppell on Live and Love Music

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