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Introducing Thomas Heppell:

In the heart of Berkshire, where traditions meet modernity, and the Thames gently flow, the vibrant sound of the blues is being reimagined. Welcome to the world of Thomas Heppell, a native son of Berkshire, whose musical prowess combines the deep emotion of Blues, the rhythmic pulse of Rock & Roll, and the intricate melodies of Jazz. This is more than just music; it's a soulful tribute to Berkshire's rich heritage.


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Who is Thomas Heppell?

Thomas Heppell is not just a musician; he's a storyteller, a local legend who resonates with the essence of Berkshire. His journey from the picturesque locales of the South Coast has witnessed him evolve, infusing his music with shades of Blues, the vivacity of Rock & Roll, and the elegance of Jazz.


His impressive trajectory has seen him collaborate with musical stalwarts like Chicken Shack and even share the limelight with household names like Anton du Beke of Strictly Come Dancing. From nominations at the UK Blues Awards 2023 to memorable performances at revered venues, Thomas is the contemporary voice of the British Blues scene, especially in his beloved Berkshire.

- Band Members

Guitar - Thomas Heppell

Drums - Jack Bryant (A Genuine Freakshow, Burner, Renounced)

Bass - Howard Head (From Suffolk!) (Natalie Shay, Luke Lucas, DBA)


Thomas Heppell’s Debut Album

Delve into the heart of Thomas Heppell's debut album, and you'll find the soul of Berkshire reverberating through each track. Each song is a canvas, intricately painted with memories, emotions, and life's myriad tales, all deeply rooted in the landscapes of Berkshire.

The album is a versatile fusion, uniting traditional Blues with hints of Jazz, country vibes, and folk narratives. Whether cozying up by a fireplace in Reading or driving through the Windsor countryside, this album promises a song that speaks to your soul.

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Blues Band for Hire in Berkshire

With its rich musical history and vibrant scenes, Berkshire beckons Thomas to weave his unique magic. Whether it's the historic allure of Windsor Castle or the modern beats of Reading's festivals, Thomas's music promises to resonate with the pulse of Berkshire.


For those in Berkshire, the call is clear: Let the waves of Thomas's music wash over you. From Maidenhead's bustling streets to Newbury's tranquil meadows, his performances are set to add a new dimension to the county's soundscape.


Booking Options For Your Berkshire Event

Elevate your Berkshire event with the evocative sounds of the blues:

Full Band Performance

Dive deep into a sonic world where rich basslines meet electrifying beats brought to life by an entire ensemble.

Solo Acoustic

For a more reflective experience, choose Thomas's solo performance, where every note captures the very essence of life.


Contact & Bookings

Berkshire's charm is unparalleled, and with Thomas Heppell's music, it finds a voice that sings tales of yesteryears and dreams of tomorrow.

For detailed inquiries, collaborations, or bookings:

Email for bookings:

Booking Agent: Danielle Knights

Profile: Thomas Heppell on Live and Love Music


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Embrace the essence of Berkshire with the soul-stirring music of Thomas Heppell. Secure your booking today and let the blues narrate the tales of this historic county.

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