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Introducing Thomas Heppell:

With its historic towns and picturesque landscapes, Hertfordshire boasts a rich musical lineage that has been an integral part of its cultural fabric. This legacy finds a contemporary representative in Thomas Heppell, a musician whose virtuosity spans the soulful strains of Blues, the electrifying vibes of Rock & Roll, and the suave cadences of Jazz. Someone looking to enhance an event in Hertfordshire with quality music would need help finding a more fitting artist than Thomas and his ensemble.


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Artist Background:

Nurtured on the South Coast of the UK, Thomas's passion for music saw him transcend local boundaries to enthral audiences nationwide. His eclectic musical style embodies the Blues' raw emotion, Rock & Roll's pulsating energy, and Jazz's intricate improvisations.


Partnering musically with iconic entities like Chicken Shack and entertainment stalwarts like Anton du Beke showcases Thomas's vast range. His diverse performances, from intimate settings like The Tuesday Night Club in Hertfordshire to grand stages at festivals like Weyfest, have garnered him widespread acclaim.


With 'Be My Home' gaining traction on prominent radio platforms and nominations at the esteemed UK Blues Awards 2023, Thomas's influence in the UK’s Blues realm is undeniable and growing.

- Band Members

Guitar - Thomas Heppell

Drums - Jack Bryant (A Genuine Freakshow, Burner, Renounced)

Bass - Howard Head (Natalie Shay, Luke Lucas, DBA)


Spotlight on the Debut Album

The eponymous album "Thomas Heppell" transcends conventional musical compilations. Each of its 11 tracks is a window into Thomas's soul, chronicling various emotions from everyday musings and profound experiences. While it beautifully captures the melancholy strains and poignant narratives typical of Blues, it also ventures into the vivacity of Jazz, the rustic charm of Country, and the narrative appeal of Folk. This rich mosaic ensures a resonant chord between ardent Blues fans and the uninitiated.

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Blues Band for Hire in Hertfordshire

While Hertfordshire has always been a vibrant hub for music, with its myriad festivals and live venues, Thomas's impending performances promise to add a fresh and distinctive flavour. He isn't just another musician performing gigs; Thomas invites his audiences on an immersive musical journey, intertwining his narratives with the larger tapestry of Blues and its derivatives. His presence on the Hertfordshire music scene elevates events, making them memorable experiences.


Booking Options For Your Hertfordshire Event

Full Band Performance

A multi-sensory experience, this option promises the collective energy of a band where each member amplifies the other, resulting in an electrifying showcase of Blues, Jazz, and Rock & Roll.

Solo Acoustic

This is a more intimate affair, where Thomas, with just his voice and an acoustic instrument, establishes a deeply personal connection with his audience, making each note and each lyric profoundly impactful.


Contact & Bookings

The path is simple for those eager to journey through the riveting world of Blues with Thomas Heppell at the helm. Reach out, discuss specifics, and let the magic unfold.

  • Direct Contact: Those inclined can connect directly via the official website, ensuring a personalised experience.

  • Professional Inquiries: Specific questions related to events, collaborations, or performances can be addressed to his dedicated team at Live and Love Music.


Reaching out is simple:


Email for bookings:

Booking Agent: Danielle Knights

Profile: Thomas Heppell on Live and Love Music


Stay Connected:

Engage with Thomas beyond the stage. Immerse in his world, get firsthand updates, and journey with him:



Book today, and let Thomas Heppell's bluesy tapestry weave magic into your Hertfordshire event.


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