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Introducing Thomas Heppell:

Oxfordshire, known for its rich musical legacy and iconic venues, has long been a crucible for emerging talents. Among these, Thomas Heppell stands out distinctly. With a masterful blend of Blues, Rock & Roll, and Jazz, this versatile musician offers a classic and contemporary auditory tapestry. As Thomas becomes available for hire in Oxfordshire, there's an opportunity to experience this synthesis live.


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Artist Background:

Hailing from the vibrant South Coast of the UK, Thomas has carved a unique space for himself in the music world. His style, seamlessly blending the heart of Blues, the lively spirit of Rock & Roll, and the profound depth of Jazz, showcases his adaptability, whether holding the stage solo or leading his dynamic three-piece ensemble.


But who is Thomas? Beyond the stages and accolades, his journey has seen him collaborate with luminaries like Chicken Shack and Anton du Beke. His footprints grace venues from The Tuesday Night Club in Oxfordshire to festivals like Weyfest. The airwaves too, from Jazz FM to Blues Radio UK, have resonated with his sounds, particularly his EP 'Be My Home'. This acclaim reached a crescendo with his multiple nominations at the UK Blues Awards 2023, solidifying his formidable presence in the British Blues landscape.

- Band Members

Guitar - Thomas Heppell

Drums - Jack Bryant (A Genuine Freakshow, Burner, Renounced)

Bass - Howard Head (Natalie Shay, Luke Lucas, DBA)


Spotlight on the Debut Album

Every great artist has a magnum opus; for Thomas, it's his self-titled album. Not just a series of tracks but a voyage through his life's myriad moments—each song emerges from a place of raw emotion, be it a fleeting memory in a car, the comforting embrace of home, or the mysterious call of distant lands.


The album is a bridge between past and present, infused with scorching solos, soulful melodies, and narratives ranging from love and loss to resilience and longing. A testament to life's varied experiences, it pays homage to traditional Blues while incorporating Jazz, country, and folk elements.

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Blues Band for Hire in Oxfordshire

Thomas's music finds a harmonious echo in the vibrant backdrop of Oxfordshire. Known for its rich musical heritage, the region offers the perfect setting for Thomas's performances. And it isn't just about adding another artist to its repertoire. With his fresh take on classics, Thomas promises to augment Oxfordshire's musical tapestry, inviting locals and visitors to immerse themselves in his world.


Booking Options For Your Oxfordshire Event

Full Band Performance

For those seeking a high-energy musical experience, Thomas, backed by his full ensemble, promises a night of enthusiasm and passion.

Solo Acoustic

Perfect for intimate gatherings, Thomas's solo performances delve deep into his musical tales, offering a reflective and personal touch.


Contact & Bookings

Thomas Heppell stands ready if Norfolk's serene ambience calls for a musical accompaniment. For those who wish to be part of this auditory journey,

Reaching out is simple:


Email for bookings:

Booking Agent: Danielle Knights

Profile: Thomas Heppell on Live and Love Music


Stay Connected:

Engage with Thomas beyond the stage. Immerse in his world, get firsthand updates, and journey with him:



Truly feel the soul-stirring rhythms of contemporary British Blues. Dive in and let the music transport you.


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