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Introducing Thomas Heppell:

Deep within the heartbeat of Cambridgeshire’s vibrant musical scene echoes a unique sound, a blend of old and new. This is where Thomas Heppell, a versatile musician, shines brightly. Marrying the classic rhythms of Blues with the pulsating beats of Rock & Roll and the nuanced intricacies of Jazz, Thomas's artistry has redefined musical boundaries. He's not just offering music; he's gifting Cambridgeshire with an experience—a musical journey intertwined with the county's iconic venues and rich musical heritage.


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Artist Background: The Story of Thomas Heppell

Thomas's roots trace back to the vivacious South Coast of the UK, a place teeming with artistic fervour. His musical odyssey has been spectacular, gracing national and regional stages and collaborating with Chicken Shack and Anton du Beke. Thomas's style, a melange of Blues, Rock & Roll, and Jazz exudes a magnetic charisma. His accolades, including nods from Jazz FM, Blues Radio UK, and the UK Blues Awards 2023, further cement his burgeoning legacy in the British Blues panorama.

- Band Members

Guitar - Thomas Heppell

Drums - Jack Bryant (A Genuine Freakshow, Burner, Renounced)

Bass - Howard Head (Natalie Shay, Luke Lucas, DBA)


Spotlight on the Debut Album

The eponymous debut album, "Thomas Heppell," goes beyond mere musical notes. It's a tapestry of Thomas's life, encapsulating personal tales of love, despair, challenges, and hopes. Drawing inspirations from myriad sources, from the cosy confines of a car to the allure of foreign terrains, each track is a labour of love, a poignant story waiting to be heard. The album is a masterclass in musical fusion, blending the time-honoured traditions of Blues with contemporary Jazz, rustic country, and evocative folk.

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Music To Stream!


Blues Band for Hire in Cambridgeshire

With its bustling music scene, Cambridgeshire is the perfect backdrop for Thomas Heppell's sonic tales. There's an uncanny resonance between the county's musical ethos and Thomas's offerings. Locals and visitors of Cambridgeshire are in for a treat. Every strum, every note, every lyric of Thomas’s beckons them to partake in this musical fiesta. Thomas promises to infuse life, energy, and soul into a grand community event or an intimate soiree.


Booking Options For Your Cambridgeshire Event

Full Band Performance

This is Thomas Heppell in all his glory. Accompanied by his dynamic three-piece ensemble, the full band performance is a symphony of sound, perfect for grand venues and events that demand an electrifying atmosphere.

Solo Acoustic

For those seeking a more intimate experience, Thomas's solo acoustic set is a revelation. With just his guitar and raw vocals, he promises a serene, soul-touching evening.


Contact & Bookings

To ensure that the soulful melodies of Thomas Heppell reverberate at your next event in Cambridgeshire, reach out and secure your booking. Thomas’s dedicated Live and Love Music management team awaits your queries and is committed to making your musical dreams a reality.

Reaching out is simple:



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Engage with Thomas beyond the stage. Immerse in his world, get firsthand updates, and journey with him:



Don't just listen; feel the music, experience the emotion, and let the blues take you on a journey.


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