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Debut Album Info

"Blues, Rock, Love Songs, Americana—It's All Here in One Album!"


  • Blues at its Core: "Our music isn't just about feeling; it's about healing. Experience blues with a fresh, contemporary twist."

  • Nostalgic Yet Fresh: "Our youthful zest revitalises classic sounds, offering a blend that appeals to every listener."

  • Genre Defying: “From the uplifting energy of Rock to the heartfelt nuances of Love Songs and the homegrown authenticity of Blues, our album delivers a dynamic and personal medley of musical experiences.”

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The Thomas Heppell Band's Debut Album Bridges Generations

"Echoing the timeless tales of blues legends and infusing them with contemporary flair, Thomas Heppell’s self-titled debut captures the soul of a genre beloved by both vintage aficionados and a new wave of enthusiasts."


Celebrating the rich array of blues and its deep-seated legacy, Berkshire’s own Thomas Heppell has crafted a debut album that speaks directly to the soul. Both an ode to the greats and a contemporary foray into personal trials and tribulations, this self-titled album promises a unique journey through life's many emotions.


From the vibrant South Coast of the UK to stages across the nation, join Thomas as he crafts the next chapter in UK blues. With a style encapsulating the heart of Blues, the energy of Rock & Roll, and the sophistication of Jazz (sometimes if you're lucky), Thomas can command a solo stage or drive the rhythm in his dynamic three-piece ensemble.


His musical journey has seen him share the limelight with established acts such as Chicken Shack, Catfish, Alice Armstrong, Connor Selby, Brave Rival and The Cinelli Brothers. In 2022, he graced stages alongside household names like Anton du Beke of Strictly Come Dancing fame, Robin Bibi, and Mike Mayfield. He’s also left his mark at illustrious venues and events such as The Tuesday Night Club Ronnie Scotts, Lincoln Jazz Cafe, Broadstairs Blues Bash, Swanage Blues Festival, and Weyfest.


His EP, 'Be My Home', not only received airwaves love from Jazz FM and Blues Radio UK but also secured him nominations at the UK Blues Awards 2023. With nods for Best Young, Emerging, and Acoustic Blues Artist, it's evident Thomas is a force to be reckoned with in British Blues.

Short Bio

Thomas Heppell is a talented Berkshire-based musician who performs Blues, Jazz and Rock & Roll. He can perform solo or with his 3-piece band, and he writes his own original compositions. His music is a mixture of originals and familiar favourites that will definitely get you moving.

Shorter Bio

Scorching solos with a groovy and tight rhythm section, performing original blues rock and some familiar favourites that will get you moving!


The Album: Thomas Heppell:

The album, available on major streaming platforms, is much more than a collection of 11 tracks; it's an autobiographical into his experiences, feelings, and very essence. Drawing inspiration from fleeting moments in a car, the warmth of home, or the allure of foreign lands, each song has been birthed from the heart. They encapsulate tales of love, heartache, personal challenges, and the ever-elusive chase of life's desires (it's all right Thomas, you'll get there boi!).


From scorching solos that ignite passion to mellifluous melodies that offer solace, this album bridges the generational gap. With nods to classic Blues, dashes of Jazz, country undertones, and folk storytelling, there's something here for every listener.


Why This Album?

In an age where genres blend and music constantly evolves, there remains a steadfast love for the classics. Thomas taps into this sentiment, ensuring die-hard blues fans feel that familiar tug at their heartstrings. Yet, there's a contemporary touch — a fresh take that invites the younger generation, those just discovering the emotional depth of blues, to dive right in. It's a narrative, a story, and above all, an experience that promises to leave a mark.


Each song in the debut album is a chapter from Thomas's life – a reflection of personal trials, tribulations, and triumphs. The album’s narratives, from tales of love and heartbreak to stories of resilience and longing, offer a mirror to many. It's this universality, this shared human experience, that makes the album not just a collection of songs, but a shared journey. After all, the blues is an 'expression of the human condition'.


Songs span a spectrum, from the raw, visceral energy of blues and the sophistication of jazz to the earthy tones of country and the age-old tales of folk. This eclectic mix ensures that every listener, whether in the cosy corners of a Berkshire pub or the bustling streets of London, will find a piece of themselves within the notes.



The legacy of blues, with its rich history and timeless appeal, finds a new chapter in Thomas Heppell's debut album. Melding the old with the new, Thomas brings to the fore an offering that promises to be both a nostalgic trip down memory lane and a fresh exploration of contemporary sounds. As the UK's music scene continues to evolve, artists like Thomas ensure that the soul of blues remains evergreen, touching hearts and telling tales that span generations. Join in on this musical odyssey, and let the blues take you away.

Connect with Thomas Heppell

For those keen on experiencing this blues journey firsthand, be it through the groovy bass lines, the soulful melodies, or the foot-tapping beats, Thomas and his ensemble are set to engage audiences across the UK. With plans to tour and promote his debut album, fans old and new can look forward to immersive live performances, intimate sessions, and the chance to interact with the artist behind the magic.


For real-time updates, behind-the-scenes looks, and exclusive previews, follow Thomas on his official social media channels and website. And for media inquiries, interviews, or collaboration opportunities, reach out through the provided contact channels.


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For regular updates, event announcements, and exclusive content, connect with Thomas on his official social media platforms:





Representation, Contact & Bookings!

If you wish to get in touch directly, visit the official website's contact page and fill out the necessary details.


For enquiries pertaining to performances, bookings, or collaborations, please reach out to Thomas's dedicated management team at Live and Love Music:



Booking Agent: Danielle Knights

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