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Introducing Thomas Heppell:

Bedfordshire, renowned for its rich cultural tapestry and historical resonance, has yet another feather in its cap with the rise of a new blues sensation. Step into the world of Thomas Heppell, a beacon from nearby Berkshire, who seamlessly fuses the heartfelt strains of Blues, the electric pulse of Rock & Roll, and the deep echoes of Jazz. For a county steeped in tradition and a thriving music scene, Thomas's fresh sound is set to be a welcome addition.


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Who is Thomas Heppell?

Thomas Heppell's unique musical narrative has been turning heads, emerging from the vibrant South Coast and having made his mark across various corners of Britain. While deeply entrenched in the pure essence of Blues, his signature style also borrows the zest of Rock & Roll and the elegance of Jazz, making him a force to be reckoned with.


But beyond the music, who is this artist that's causing ripples? Tracing his journey, we find a vibrant tapestry of collaborations, from the renowned Chicken Shack to stage appearances with beloved figures like Anton du Beke from Strictly Come Dancing. His footprint spans revered venues and prestigious recognitions, including the UK Blues Awards 2023 nominations. It's evident: Thomas is on a trajectory to redefine the British Blues landscape.

- Band Members

Guitar - Thomas Heppell

Drums - Jack Bryant (A Genuine Freakshow, Burner, Renounced)

Bass - Howard Head (From Suffolk!) (Natalie Shay, Luke Lucas, DBA)


Thomas Heppell’s Debut Album

Dive deep into the soulful waters of Thomas Heppell's debut album, and you will emerge transformed. Each track is a beacon, illuminating raw emotions, poignant memories, and life's intricate tales. Inspired by simple moments - a tranquil drive, the comforting embrace of home, or the beckoning of distant shores - each song paints a vivid picture.

Moreover, the album isn't confined to a single musical lane. Rooted in Blues, it meanders through the alleys of Jazz, crosses over to the rustic charm of country, and narrates tales with a folk touch. This diverse landscape ensures a song for you, whether you're a Bedfordshire local reminiscing over a pint or a young enthusiast just setting foot in the blues realm.

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Blues Band for Hire in Bedfordshrie

As his album notes waft through the air, Thomas is keen on scripting a melodious chapter in Bedfordshire. Bedfordshire, a county with a vibrant musical pulse, offers a platform for him to showcase his unique sound and engage with an audience that appreciates musical finesse.


To the folk of Bedfordshire: Keep your calendars open and your spirits high! Whether it's a bustling county fair or a serene evening by the Ouse, Thomas is set to elevate every gathering with his soulful renditions.


Booking Options For Your Berkshire Event

Looking to elevate your Bedfordshire event with a touch of the blues? Thomas Heppell provides versatile performances tailored to your preference:

Full Band Performance

Immerse in the full spectrum of bluesy beats, dynamic basslines, and vibrant energy that only a complete ensemble can deliver.

Solo Acoustic

For a more intimate setting, opt for Thomas's solo act, a raw, unfiltered experience where each strum resonates deeply.


Contact & Bookings

If Bedfordshire's rolling landscapes could sing, they'd echo the blues of Thomas Heppell. Take advantage of this captivating experience for your next event.

For detailed inquiries, collaborations, or bookings:

Email for bookings:

Booking Agent: Danielle Knights

Profile: Thomas Heppell on Live and Love Music


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Book today, and let Thomas Heppell's bluesy tapestry weave magic into your Bedfordshire event.

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