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Best Albert King albums

Albert King, with his formidable presence and left-handed string-bending guitar style, stands tall amongst blues legends. Renowned for his influential album "Born Under a Bad Sign," King's music blends raw emotional depth with technical prowess, earning him a revered spot in blues history. This article delves into the heart of Albert King's discography, exploring the albums that define his legacy and impact on the blues genre. From the gritty grooves of "I'll Play the Blues for You" to the funky rhythms of "I Wanna Get Funky," we uncover the essence of King's sound, providing insights into the works that showcase his unparalleled mastery of the blues guitar.

Best Albert King Albums

1. "Born Under a Bad Sign" (1967)

"Born Under a Bad Sign" stands as a monumental album in Albert King's career and the blues genre, merging soulful melodies with King's powerful guitar licks. This record, featuring classics like the title track and "Crosscut Saw," solidified King's status as a blues luminary and influenced countless guitarists with its raw emotion and distinctive sound.

2. "I'll Play the Blues for You" (1972)

In "I'll Play the Blues for You," King's expressive guitar work and deep, velvety vocals create a soul-stirring blend of blues and soul. The album's title track, along with songs like "Breaking Up Somebody's Home," showcases King's ability to convey heartfelt stories through his music, resonating with listeners worldwide.

3. "I Wanna Get Funky" (1974)

"I Wanna Get Funky" explores funkier territories, highlighting King's versatility and innovative approach to blues. Tracks like "That's What the Blues Is All About" exemplify King's skill in integrating funky rhythms with traditional blues, offering a fresh and engaging sound.

4. "Jammed Together" (1969)

Released in 1969, this album is a remarkable session that brought together three blues legends: Albert King, Steve Cropper, and Pops Staples. It's a fusion of their distinct styles, combining King's fiery guitar licks, Cropper's soulful playing, and Staples' gospel-infused blues guitar.

5. Albert King with Stevie Ray Vaughan - In Session (1983)

Technically not a solo album, but this live television recording session with Stevie Ray Vaughan is a legendary meeting of two blues guitar titans.

6. Live Wire/Blues Power (1968)

Recorded live at the Fillmore Auditorium in San Francisco, this album captures the raw energy of his live performances and showcases his incredible guitar skills.

7. Lovejoy (1971)

An album that finds Albert King experimenting with different styles and sounds, incorporating elements of rock and soul into his blues.

8. Crosscut Saw: Albert King in San Francisco (1983)

Recorded live, this album captures King's live performance energy and includes a mix of his classic tunes and covers.

9. The Blues Don't Change (1977)

This album saw King returning to some of the blues classics, reaffirming his commitment to the blues amidst the changing musical landscape of the late 1970s.

10. Years Gone By (1969)

This album includes a mix of original tunes and covers, demonstrating his versatility and deep feelings for the blues.


So there you have it! And if you like those albums, you may like ours too!


Album Buyer's Guide: Navigating Albert King's Discography

Essential Listening for Blues Enthusiasts

Albums like "Born Under a Bad Sign" and "I'll Play the Blues for You" are considered essential in Albert King's catalogue, capturing the essence of his guitar mastery and vocal depth. These records are must-haves for anyone looking to explore the core of King's musical legacy.

Superior Picks for the Avid Collector

For those delving deeper, albums such as "Lovejoy" and "Jammed Together" (a collaboration with Steve Cropper and Pops Staples) showcase King's range and his ability to collaborate effectively, offering superior blues experiences.

Fan Perspectives

The Pulse of King's Audience

Albert King's music has resonated with fans globally, creating a dedicated following that cherishes his emotive guitar solos and soulful vocal delivery. Online forums and blues communities actively discuss and rank his albums, often highlighting "Born Under a Bad Sign" and "I'll Play the Blues for You" as seminal works that capture the essence of his artistry.

Rankings and Fan Favorites

While fan rankings vary, there is a consensus on the exceptional quality of King's early works, with "Born Under a Bad Sign" frequently topping lists. Albums like "Live Wire/Blues Power" and "I Wanna Get Funky" also receive acclaim for their live energy and innovative sound, illustrating the depth and breadth of King's discography. For me, what I love most about these albums are the horn parts!

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