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Electric Guitar Lessons Windsor


Unleash Your Guitar Potential with Thomas Heppell

My lessons in Windsor are designed to help you develop your passion for music without the pressure of exams or grades.

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DBS Checked

Perfect for Kids or Beginners

4 Years Experience with Rocksteady Music School

Nominated Blues Artist


In Windsor, a growing number of aspiring musicians face the challenge of finding quality guitar instruction that resonates with their unique musical journey.


Whether their ambition is to master electric guitar, slide, acoustic, or bass, many find themselves constrained by generic lessons that lack personalisation and depth.


Thomas Heppell steps into this gap as an experienced tutor, offering a path to genuine mastery and enjoyment in playing. His tailored approach addresses the common frustrations of stagnant progress and unmet aspirations, guiding learners towards their individual goals with expertise, care and FUN!

Electric Guitar Lessons Windsor: Transform Your Playing with Award-Nominated Artist Thomas Heppell

An award-nominated blues artist, Thomas brings a wealth of experience and a deep passion for music to his teaching. His approach is not just about imparting skills but about igniting a love for the guitar in his students. With Thomas, learners receive more than just lessons; they embark on a journey tailored to their musical voice and aspirations.

Thomas's comprehensive teaching encompasses various guitar styles, ensuring that whether you're drawn to the electric guitar, slide, acoustic, or bass, your instruction is grounded in real-world, professional musicianship. His commitment to your progress and enjoyment is evident in every session, providing a nurturing environment that fosters growth and confidence.

By choosing Electric Guitar Lessons Windsor with Thomas Heppell, you're not just learning to play an instrument; you're embracing an opportunity to elevate your musical expression under the guidance of a seasoned artist. This is where your guitar playing transcends notes and chords, becoming a true extension of your artistic self.

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Whether you're starting out or seeking to elevate your skills, Thomas's expertise is your gateway to achieving your guitar dreams.

  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from the seasoned experience of an acclaimed musician.

  • Customised Learning: Enjoy lessons tailored specifically to your musical interests and progress pace.

  • Inspiring Results: Witness your growth and gain confidence as you develop your unique guitar style.

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