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Best Joanne Shaw Taylor Albums

Updated: Apr 19

Joanne Shaw Taylor has cemented her place in the blues rock genre with her dynamic guitar playing and soulful vocals. Emerging as a formidable talent in the blues scene, her albums are a testament to her musical evolution and artistic depth.  Let’s have a gander at her discography.

Best Joanne Shaw Taylor Albums

1.“The Dirty Truth” (2014) 

Often cited for its raw emotion and authenticity, balancing her gritty blues roots with rock influences.

2.“White Sugar” (2009) 

A powerful debut that made the blues world sit up and take notice, showcasing her fierce guitar skills and soulful vocals.

3.“Diamonds in the Dirt” (2010)

Building on her debut’s momentum, this album dives deeper into her bluesy storytelling with compelling lyrical narratives.

4.“Wild” (2016)

Represents a matured sound with catchy tunes that blend traditional blues with rock elements, reflecting her growth as an artist.

5.“Reckless Heart” (2019)

Demonstrates her versatility and depth, with emotionally charged performances that resonate with listeners.

6.“The Blues Album” (2021)

A heartfelt tribute to blues classics, showcasing her respect for the genre’s traditions and her ability to make each track her own.

7.“Songs from the Road” (2013)

A live album that captures the raw energy and passion of her performances, highlighting her prowess as a live performer.

8.“Nobody’s Fool” (2022)

The latest addition to her discography at the time of my last update, showcasing her continued evolution and experimentation with blues rock.

9.“Blues from the Heart Live” (2022)

Another live album that offers a fantastic showcase of her live energy and skill, capturing the essence of her music in a live setting.


So there you have it! And if you like those albums, you may like ours too!



Joanne Shaw Taylor has become a respected figure in the blues rock world, known for her guitar mastery and soul-stirring vocals. Her discography not only pays homage to the blues tradition but also pushes the genre in new directions, reflecting her personal growth and the evolving landscape of blues rock music.


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