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Best Jimi Hendrix Albums

Updated: Mar 31

Jimi Hendrix, an unparalleled figure in the realm of rock and blues, revolutionised guitar playing with his explosive style and innovative sound. This blog embarks on an exploration of Hendrix's discography, dissecting albums that showcase his extraordinary talent and indelible impact on the music world. Let’s do it!

Best Jimi Hendrix Albums

1. "Axis: Bold as Love" (1967)

Released the same year as their debut, "Axis: Bold as Love" showcases Hendrix’s growth as a songwriter and lyricist. It's known for its rich, layered soundscapes and complex guitar work, especially in tracks like "Little Wing" and "If 6 Was 9". The album’s use of stereo effects was innovative for its time.

2. "Electric Ladyland" (1968)

"Electric Ladyland" is often cited as Hendrix's magnum opus, showcasing his abilities as a guitarist, songwriter, and producer. This double album includes classics like "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)" and the Bob Dylan cover "All Along the Watchtower". Hendrix’s experimentation with studio techniques and diverse musical styles makes this album a cornerstone of psychedelic rock.

3. "Are You Experienced" (1967)

The debut album by The Jimi Hendrix Experience, "Are You Experienced", is a groundbreaking release that introduced Hendrix's innovative guitar play to the world. With tracks like "Purple Haze" and "Foxey Lady", the album is a pivotal moment in the 1960s rock scene, blending rock, blues, and psychedelia.

4. "Band of Gypsys" (1970)

"Band of Gypsys" is a live album that captures Hendrix's exploration into funk and R&B territories, backed by Buddy Miles on drums and Billy Cox on bass. The performance was a departure from his work with The Experience, highlighted by the powerful "Machine Gun" – a protest against the Vietnam War.

5. "Live at Monterey" (1986)

Although released posthumously, "Live at Monterey" is an essential live album documenting Hendrix's U.S. debut at the Monterey Pop Festival in 1967. His performance, which concluded with him setting his guitar on fire during "Wild Thing", is one of the most iconic moments in rock history.

6. "The Cry of Love" (1971)

Released after Hendrix’s death, "The Cry of Love" is comprised of tracks he was working on for his next studio album. Songs like "Angel" and "Freedom" reflect his evolving sound and continued innovation as a musician. This album is often considered among the best of his posthumous releases.

7. "Blues" (1994)

"Blues" is a compilation album that emphasises Jimi Hendrix’s profound influence on the blues genre. It features studio and live recordings that hadn’t been widely heard before, showcasing his deep respect for and mastery of the blues.

8. "South Saturn Delta" (1997)

A compilation of previously unreleased recordings, "South Saturn Delta" offers a glimpse into Hendrix’s wide-ranging musical interests, from blues to psychedelia to R&B. It includes both instrumental and vocal tracks, providing insight into his creative process.

9. "BBC Sessions" (1998)

This collection of live recordings made for the BBC showcases Hendrix's raw live performance energy and versatility as a musician. It includes unique renditions of his classics, as well as interviews, providing a comprehensive look at his time in Britain.

10. "Valleys of Neptune" (2010)

Another posthumous release, "Valleys of Neptune" features previously unreleased studio recordings, primarily from the period between the "Electric Ladyland" album and the formation of Band of Gypsys. Its title track is a standout, offering fans a look at what Hendrix was experimenting with before his death.


So there you have it! And if you like those albums, you may like ours too!


Posthumous Releases and Live Recordings

Exploring Hendrix's Legacy After His Lifetime

Jimi Hendrix's posthumous releases, such as "First Rays of the New Rising Sun" and "Valleys of Neptune," offer insights into the creative directions Hendrix was exploring before his untimely death. These albums compile unfinished works and previously unreleased tracks, showcasing his ongoing innovation and enduring influence on the music world.

Capturing the Live Experience

Hendrix was renowned for his electrifying live performances, and albums like "Band of Gypsys" and "Live at Monterey" capture the raw energy and improvisational genius of his stage presence. These live recordings are essential for understanding Hendrix's artistry, as they highlight his ability to connect with the audience and transform each performance into a unique experience.

In this section, we delve into the posthumous releases and live albums that continue to contribute to Jimi Hendrix's legacy, illustrating the breadth of his talent and the potential directions his music could have taken. Through these recordings, Hendrix's innovative spirit and unparalleled skill as a live performer are celebrated, offering fans and newcomers alike a deeper appreciation of his contributions to music.


Jimi Hendrix's legacy as a pioneering guitar virtuoso and musical innovator continues to resonate within the music industry and beyond. His albums, particularly "Are You Experienced," "Electric Ladyland," and "Axis: Bold as Love," stand as monumental achievements in rock music, showcasing his exceptional talent and visionary approach. 

Hendrix's influence stretches across genres and generations, cementing his status as one of the most iconic musicians of the 20th century. His innovative use of the electric guitar, experimental sound, and profound impact on music history remain central to his enduring legacy, inspiring countless musicians and fans worldwide. Through his brief but spectacular career, Jimi Hendrix redefined what was possible in music, leaving a legacy that continues to inspire and captivate audiences around the globe.


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